Ibn Rushd

Ibn Rushd by Ahmed Fouad El-EhwanyWho would have thought that there was this much written about a true Aristotelian philosopher but this one resource somehow is not online and it’s a shame that its not. [..]

Ibn Tufail

Ibn Tufail by Bakhtyar Husain SiddiqiYou don’t have to be an autodidact to learn more about Ibn Tufail if you help us bring his article online. Many would know more about this wonderful thinker, scientist, [..]

Ibn Bajjah

Ibn Bajjah by Muhammad Saghir Hasan al-Ma’sumi So who was Ibn Bajjah wouldn’t want to know more? You should! And many of our readers and internet denizens would love to have this too. Help us [..]

Ibn Sina

Ibn Sina by Fazulr Rahman Its sinful or Ibn Sina awful that its not online. How you can you live with this fact now that you know. You can’t unknow it now. Just dive in [..]


Miskawaih by Abdurrahman BadawiIt’s quite unbelievable and at times unbearable that this article is missing online. Oh the ravages of time… Lend a helping hand and perhaps a fresh pair of eyes. . . and [..]


Al-Farabi by Ibrahim Madkour ought to be here don’t you agree? If you could not find this resource online its because its waiting to be discovered this hidden gem should not be hidden no longer. [..]


Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi by Abdurrahman Badawi It should be online . . . why not . . . its waiting for you. Yes you. help us bring this wonderful resource so everyone will have [..]


Al-Kindi Ahmed Fouad El-Ehwany Yes it can be here with your help. Help us bring it here in wonderful text so it can live free beyond the confines of pdf files.